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Posted by Aleen
Consider yourselves fortunate to have found Counselor Zlock other reviewers like I award Avvo's highest stars rating. From a law family tradition spanning generations, Mark has made his mark with me by faithfully making himself available to listen attentively, remember in detail, and comprehensively watch out for my needs even with other attorneys on different areas of law. His easy-access shared law offices are quality comfort with a dedicated staff. Strong, sharp, quick and honest yet also patient, understanding, compassionate and caring, Counselor Zlock lives up to the title and is a genuine find.

A True Advocate, In a Good Office

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Posted by Jacob A
 After losing my job back in January and on the verge of losing my house in 2015 I contacted Mark Zlock. When I talked to Mark about the relocation process since my wife had children from a previous marriage and I found a job out state. We were in a desperate situation of losing everything. He stepped into our situation and told us that everything would be ok. He told us what we need to do step by step through this whole process. I took care of securing those things Mark had told me that I needed to have to make this possible. As there were some obstacles that had come up, we had to jump higher than originally planned. This process took 6 months from the time of the conference to the judges ruling. Most of which I was without my wife and kids. As I had to walk that fine line that Mark had advised me to walk to be able to reach those goals, It seemed discouraging. But Mark gave me strength and confidence that it will all pay off in the end. With Mark's knowledge of the law and his great strength in detail is truly what helped us win this relocation. There are 16 points to regular child custody and 10 points to relocation. We won 26 out of the 26 of the points. We finally got to relocate and brought my family back together. I truly recommend Mark he is a incredible attorney and truly cares for his clients and their outcomes.

Amazing Relocation Victory

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Posted by Tracy

Mark helped me every step of the way as I went through a tumultuous divorce. I was dealing with an ex who always thought that he was above the law. Mark was very detail oriented and knocked my ex down to size. He helped me fight for everything that I deserved for myself and my children. Mark was truly incredible and witty through all of the obstacles that were thrown our way during this grueling ordeal. I would most definitely hire Mark again for any legal needs in the future. Mark knows the law and how to get you to reach the outcome that you deserve. Mark is great on detail and flourishes with facts to your benefit. Mark Zlock is top notch and truly the right man for the job.


5.0 stars
Posted by Shan
I met Mark a little of 4 years ago. At the time I was lost and confused in my situation at the time. I came into contact with Mark through some mutual friends. I wanted my than fiancé to adopt my oldest daughter. He was very forthcoming as well as honest. He assisted him the adoption case that took 3 years to complete because of the complexity on the case. Also, he not only worked with me in my adoption case but he was present at the hospital when my brother was hit by a hit and run driver and later died because of his injuries. Mark was and still is amazing!

Furthermore, he not only assisted me in my legal case and supported my family in a time of need he showed me what I am capable of. Mark showed me that I am better and stronger than I give me self credit for. In the last 4 years he has given me strength to grow and learn.

Mark is a wonderful man and at first I was hesitant because of the stereotype lawyers get but he is the most compassionate, caring, trust worthy people I have ever met.

Amazing !!!